Sell Diamond Ring Sydney.

Sell Diamond Ring is your friendly & secure destination for selling diamond jewellery for the maximum price possible. Our team consists of skilled and trusted diamond ring buyers guarantee to take the stress out of trading in your unwanted jewellery items. Many of our competitors put their clients through lengthy processes of back-and-forth and often are only thinking of themselves. We put our focus on you however, managing the trading process from beginning to end with open communication and transparency to make certain that you are comfortable with the trade every step of the way. Sell Diamond Ring pride ourselves on ensuring we get you the best possible price for your Diamond Ring.

Our team of professional jewelers will value your ring and guarantee you the maximum return on your unwanted possessions. We understand that there are many different reasons that you might need to trade in your unwanted Diamond Jewellery. We respect your privacy from the initial stages right until the very end. When you work alongside Sell Diamond Ring, our Diamond Ring Buyers will explain to you what your diamond is currently valued at in the market and why it has been given that value.

Our Diamond Ring Buyers factor in the colour, clarity, cut and carat weight when valuing your Diamond Ring. Once you have spoken with our friendly team and made an appointment to see us, you will have your unwanted ring valued at no fee, and walk out with the best value guaranteed. We are the trusted name in the industry, having worked with Diamond Jewellery for over a decade and understanding the needs of our clients from beginning to end. read more

We also recommend you get a second opinion from another buyer. There is another reliable and reputable diamond specialist in the CBD. You should compare the appraisal and select a buyer who you can trust.

Sell Diamond Rings
diamond engagement ring

Selling Your Engagement Ring.

If you are wanting to Sell an Engagement Ring you should come and see us as Sell Diamond Ring Sydney are trained Diamond Engagement Ring Buyers, having worked with Diamond as well as Gold Jewellery for over a decade in the industry. We understand that there are a number of reasons that you may need to sell your unwanted engagement ring, and operate privately, ensuring that you feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our team of trusted buyers are just a phone call away at any time to offer advice, answer any questions you may have regarding the selling of your engagement ring, and can assist you in setting up an appointment to discuss your options for selling your ring. We understand that engagement rings can carry emotional attachment and that it may be a difficult decision to make, this is why our family run business can talk you through everything from start to finish, alleviating any stress or concerns you might have.

We understand the market, and will value your engagement ring to ensure that you receive the best possible price for your unwanted diamond ring. Our expert team are the most trusted in the industry, and work directly with you. Many other Engagement Ring Buyers operate using third parties, meaning that most of the value of the ring goes to each person involved in the selling process. Our small team means we alleviate any of those extra processes, so you get the money that you deserve in cash on the spot, without any delays or hidden fees.

With years of experience in the industry, and a trusted, family run team, we can guide you through the process of selling your engagement ring, and are always there for round-the-clock support. read more

Sell My Diamond Jewellery.

Selling Diamond Jewellery is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to trade in your unwanted jewels for instant cash. Our team of Diamond Jewellery Buyers will buy your unwanted Diamond Jewellery in any condition, whether it be almost new, or broken and damaged. Once we have purchased your unwanted jewellery, we melt down the gold and take the diamonds away from their original setting, meaning that damages to the jewellery or broken pieces are still of very high value to us, and you will receive the best return on your jewels. With more than a decade experience in the Diamond Jewellery industry, our team of buyers will guarantee you the best possible price on your unwanted Diamond Jewellery.

We buy everything from broken jewellery, unwanted and damaged rings, to old heirlooms and unwanted gifts. Old jewels that have been sitting around collecting dust in the back of your cupboard could be very high in value, once you make contact with us we will set up an appointment for you with one of our Diamond Jewellery Buyers who will value your pieces on the spot, meaning you can leave our store with unwanted cash for your jewels!

Our friendly, family-run team will work directly with you and respect your privacy during every step of the selling process. We want to ensure maximum comfort and transparency for you and will answer any question you may have throughout the selling of your Diamond Jewellery. Your expert valuer will explain everything in detail during your appointment surrounding the market value of your piece, assisting you in getting the best price on your unwanted jewellery, the most simple and comfortable way possible. read more

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Sell Diamonds Sydney

Sell Loose & Certified Diamonds.

Looking to sell diamonds? At Sell Diamond Ring, we pay the highest prices guaranteed for your diamonds. Selling your unwanted diamonds should be a simple and stress-free process. Our friendly team ensures that you are paid the highest price cash payments for your diamonds and receive the highest level of customer service every step of the way.

We are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD and our store can be accessed by public transport, or there is ample street parking for you if you choose to drive to us. We make selling diamonds easy, once you contact us to arrange an appointment and come into our Sydney CBD store; the rest is done for you! Our team of expert jewellers will provide you with a valuation of your diamond jewellery and ensure you receive the highest price in cash on the day.

At Sell Diamond Ring, we understand there are a number of different reasons you may wish to sell your diamonds and diamond jewellery. We respect your privacy and confidentiality during this process and provide support, both over the phone or in person at all times throughout the selling of your diamonds.

Our expert jewellers will pay you the highest value for your diamonds! Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business and our team works around the clock to ensure the best outcome for each and every one of our customers. You will receive friendly and reliable service, and we guarantee to pay you the highest price when you sell your diamonds with us.

We are Sydney’s most trusted diamond experts, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service and professionalism while selling diamonds with us.

Get in touch with us today and book an appointment in our Sydney CBD store to sell your diamonds! read more.

What Do We Buy?

Sell Diamond Ring Sydney can help you instantly sell  your unwanted jewellery and precious metal items for competitive market prices. The list below are just some of the things we buy, if you have any old or unused jewellery items that you would like to sell bring it in for an on the spot valuation from our friendly staff.

we buy diamond rings

We Buy Diamond Rings

We buy diamond rings 1 Carat & above in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for your diamond rings.

we buy engagement rings

We Buy Engagement Rings

We buy diamond engagement rings as this is one of our specialties. Top prices paid for your Diamond Engagement Ring.

we buy diamonds

We Buy Certified Diamonds

We buy Loose and Certified Diamonds in nearly all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for your for Certified Diamonds.

we buy diamonds

We Buy Diamond Jewellery

We buy Diamond Jewellery if it is old or new in virtually all shapes and sizes. Top prices paid for your unwanted Diamond Jewellery.

we buy gold jewellery

We Buy Gold In Most Forms

We buy Gold & Gold Jewellery in many forms old or new. We Pay Top prices for your unwanted Gold & Gold Jewellery.

we buy gold jewellery

We Buy Gold Jewellery

We Buy Gold Jewellery & Scrap Gold items no matter the quantity. Top prices paid for your Broken & Scrap Gold Jewellery. We recommend you before coming with us to check the gold purity of your jewelry with reputable gold buyers in the City.

We Pay INSTANT CASH For Gold Jewellery & We Advertise Our Buying Prices
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