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Sell Engagement Ring Selling engagement rings can sometimes be emotionally difficult, especially after a divorce or breakup. Sell Diamond Rings consistently strives to offer all its clients a professional, understanding, and highly secure service. We are specialists in engagement ring valuations and always offer you free advice and will answer any questions you may have when you decide to sell your engagement ring.

Selling your engagement ring to Sell Diamond Rings will ensure you get the best return on your diamond. We have a team of diamond experts who will professionally and efficiently value your diamond. We buy and sell diamonds daily, understanding our market means we are able to offer an accurate valuation because we will be recycling the diamonds ourselves, there are no third parties involved.


Here are 3 useful things to remember when selling your diamond engagement ring:

1. Pricing factors and Reports:
The colour, clarity, cut and carat weight are very important factors in determining the value of your engagement ring. This information may be found on a diamond certificate, report or jewellery appraisal.

However, when valuing your diamond we do not accept jeweller appraisals. We only accept internationally recognised gemmologist reports, such as GIA reports, as they accurately identify the correct details of the diamond. Labs are independent and are experts at grading diamonds. The GIA, for example, is an industry leading Gemological Laboratory. Appraisals on the other hand are merely an expression of a jeweller’s opinion that state the retail price of the item. They are solely used for insurance purposes.

2. Speak to the experts:
Pawnbrokers, local jewellers, or some online buyers may not have the necessary experience or market knowledge to offer such a competitive price for your engagement ring. We have decades of combined experience in the diamond market and our experience has enabled us to understand the way it operates. If your selling your Engagement Ring, ensure you call the experts at Sell Engagement Rings.

3. Have confidence in a Trustworthy Buyer:
There are various diamond buyers in the marketplace and finding the correct buyer sometimes is not all about the initial estimation you are given. Some companies give high initial estimates but then offer low final estimations in an attempt for you to send your ring in to their offices. Choose a buyer such as Sell Diamond Rings who has the reputation and years of experience with in their valuation team.

When selling your engagement ring, ensure you call the experts at Sell Diamond Rings. You can call our Sydney office on (02) 9299 8070 at any time during office hours and one of our friendly Sell Engagement Ring staff members will be waiting to speak to you and answer any questions you may have regarding selling your Engagement Ring.

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