Sell Diamond Ring Chester Hill. We are the nations top diamond engagement ring buyer, we buy all sizes pre-owned diamond and engagement rings from people like you that want to sell their unwanted on unneeded diamond rings for cold hard cash. This is done in the convenience of our centrally located Sydney CBD office. We have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over Sydney that have sold their diamond engagement rings to us.

There may come a time in someones life where they are in need of a diamond engagement ring buyer. For whatever reason we make the process of selling a diamond ring as smooth and as profitable as possible.

The worst place to sell a diamond engagement ring is to a low end pawn shop or the jewelery store where you/he bought the diamond engagement ring.

The best place to sell your diamond to is a place that specializes in buying diamonds from the public like us. We have a high end clientele that demands diamonds and we can unload them quickly and for the most profit. We will then share the profit with you the consumer.


Diamond rings that we buy:

  • Diamond Solitaires (oval, round, princess, pear, and many other shapes)
  • Rings with Sidestones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and others)
  • Three-Stone Rings (emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and more)
  • Designer Rings (Cartier, Tacori, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and others)
  • Matching Ring Sets (engagement rings with matching bands)
  • Antique Rings
  • Hierloom Rings
  • Estate Rings

When you sell your diamond engagement ring to us you will have the peace of mind that you made the right choice, we are not going to lowball you or rip you off, our service is buying your ring at a top price and selling it to make a little profit. No gimmicks, no games we treat everyone fairly and like royalty when you come to sell your engagement ring.
Call Us TODAY: 9299 8070

We Pay INSTANT CASH For Gold Jewellery & We Advertise Our Buying Prices
  • Jacob A Avatar
    Jacob A
    - Google

    Abraham and his team went beyond expections to provide not only the best customer service but the best price. After... read more

    Caroline Bell Avatar
    Caroline Bell
    - Google

    I carefully researched every Sydney diamond buyer that I could find and this was, by far, the best price offered.... read more

    Nathan Avatar
    - Google

    Great service and advise

  • Xx SARA xX Avatar
    Xx SARA xX
    - Google

    Great service. Very happy with my beautiful earrings. Can't wait for the diamond pendant I've ordered thank you so... read more

    Doha Karbala Avatar
    Doha Karbala
    - Google

    Thank you so much I could not believe the great price you gave for my scrap jewellery after comparing with... read more

    Rebecca Robinson Avatar
    Rebecca Robinson
    - Google

    Wonderful and Friendly Service. Best Prices with the Best Knowledge. Don't go anywhere else to sell your Diamonds. I Highly... read more

  • Be Littles Avatar
    Be Littles
    - Google

    This Jeweller had a good selection of rings and I bought one at a very competitive price.

    kristy younan Avatar
    kristy younan
    - Google

    Honest, reliable and awesome customer service. These guys put 110% into everything that they do. From start to... read more

    Thomas Sterny Avatar
    Thomas Sterny
    - Google

    Amazing service! Shopped around the city looking for the best price for my gold and Abraham gave me the highest... read more

  • Kathleen Butcher Avatar
    Kathleen Butcher
    - Google

    Thank you for giving me a great price! Fantastic service. Would recommend to anyone 😉

    Zara A Avatar
    Zara A
    - Google

    Abraham and his team went beyond expections to provide not only the best customer service but the best price. After... read more

    david waterhouse Avatar
    david waterhouse
    - Google

    Mr. Abraham is very helpful he give me excellent deal and the best advice. They are not just a business... read more

  • Daniel Livolsi Avatar
    Daniel Livolsi
    - Google

    Abraham is hugely knowledgeable and well connected in the jewellery industry. He is friendly, honest and his prices are great.... read more

    Jessica Moore Avatar
    Jessica Moore
    - Google

    Great service, highly recommend this place and they have great prices.

    Ahed Chalghin Avatar
    Ahed Chalghin
    - Google

    My husband and I have went in last well and i have to say we have never met a more... read more

  • Alex B Avatar
    Alex B
    - Google

    Came in with my family to sell some Gold and a Diamond Ring.The Gentleman by the name of Abraham was... read more

    Adam Monopoly Avatar
    Adam Monopoly
    - Google

    I’ve been to this company are few times in selling my gold and diamonds and they just amaze me in... read more

    hotel juggle Avatar
    hotel juggle
    - Google

    As i was staying in the beautiful hotel i pondered in to Grace city jewellers known as Sell diamond ring... read more

  • julie dong Avatar
    julie dong
    - Google

    Thank you for the easy and professional experience. Extremely honest and respectful people. I would highly recommend them.

    Mark S Avatar
    Mark S
    - Google

    I got a good price selling my diamond ring to these guys, very happy

    ellon lapin Avatar
    ellon lapin
    - Google

    I been to four places and nothing come close to Abraham price. definitely I am coming back to sell my... read more

  • Rania Fahs Avatar
    Rania Fahs
    - Google

    I bought a diamond ring and I was very impressed with the customer service and the good price of great... read more

    Chris Keeley Avatar
    Chris Keeley
    - Google

    Got a great price on a diamond ring, would recommend. thanks

    Randa Traboulsi Avatar
    Randa Traboulsi
    - Google

    Abraham and his team were wonderful this holiday season in assisting in the purchase of my diamond jewellery.Fair price was... read more

  • Julia Reynolds Avatar
    Julia Reynolds
    - Google

    "Best Sydney Diamond Buyer"Professional service the gentleman that i spoke to knew exactly what he was talking about. Gave me... read more

    tafe seo Avatar
    tafe seo
    - Google

    Cannot be happier with the price offered for my diamond engagement ring, thank you!

    John Chan Avatar
    John Chan
    - Google

    Very professional service provided, and offered pricing above competitors. Abraham carefully explained the process and answered any questions that I... read more

  • Julia De Bono Avatar
    Julia De Bono
    - Google

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sell Diamond Ring.
    Abraham and his associates have excellent customer service and give...
    read more

    Rosey Rosebottom Avatar
    Rosey Rosebottom
    - Google

    I got a great offer for my diamond ring here. Many thanks to the team at Sell Diamond Ring.

    Jacqueline Harrison Avatar
    Jacqueline Harrison
    - Google

    Are you kidding me? These guys corrected my price expectations by being "honest" about the true value of my gold... read more

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